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Turn Key Projects

The Projects Department handles various turnkey projects locally and internationally including shipments of hazardous chemicals, heavy lifts, special containers, perishable cargo, live animals, full ships loads and various other projects.

This department consists of a team of highly qualified staff that executes contracts and tenders gained by ESS from A to Z in a continuous circle that starts with one employee and ends up by the same one after being processed in the proper way along with all members of the team. In order to handle the business in an efficient way, we relay each project to a specific team inside the department, so that we form several internal circles to take care of each project individually with full attention.

The department provides door to door services which include customs clearance, offloading, loading, warehousing, transportation, in addition to importing and exporting of over than 9000 teus annually. Each team member is appointed to process a stage of the logistics and shipping arrangements. the process takes place since the minute the client order is received, booked, empty container picked up, cleared, gated in the ACT, registered on the ship loaded onboard, B/L issuing until reaching the final destination. After that daily tracking and reporting to clients takes place. .



International gateways



Tons of air freight annually

How It Works

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