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Overland Transportation

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Overland Transportation

ESS is one of the leading transportation companies in Jordan licensed to transport:

- Containers
- General cargo
- Heavy lifts
- Hazardous chemicals
- Military and projects cargo



International gateways



Tons of air freight annually

How It Works

ESS owns a fleet of 108 trailers, out of which 51 brand new 2017 DAF trailers, which perform more than 12000 loads per year. The fleet includes specialized reefer container carriers, specialized ISO tanks LowBed trailers, and general cargo trailers.

ESS is specialized in handling perishable goods in Aqaba and Amman airport including clearance, transportation and distributing through company fleets.

ESS implemented an online GPS system in all trucks connected with a control room at Aqaba office that is equipped with 20 screens to offer a 24/7 control in addition to 5 screens in Amman’s head office.

ESS is applying the highest safety measures on trailers and on all the road field control pickups. Every truck is provided with international standard safety equipments.

ESS applies blood tests to all the drivers every 2 weeks in Aqaba as part of our standards including regular training for drivers to handle sensitive loads, transport hazardous chemicals, frozen items & special loads.