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Opening ceremony of the new expansion of Aqaba Logistics Village

ESS Chairman Mr. Issam Sacca in a meeting with the Prime Minister and businessmen during the opening ceremony of the new expansion of Aqaba Logistics Village.


“The Company started cooperating with the Aqaba logistics village since ALV was established. ESS is presently operating an area of 7500 thousand square meters, which are used in receiving, unloading, storage, stacking and transportation for one of the most important economic and industrial plants in Jordan which is Jordan Bromine Co. (JBC), as our company is having a strategic partnership with JBC for more than 10 years.

Opening of this entrepreneurial project we were forced to transport large quantities of goods and containers to the plant site and store it there, which placed a heavy burden on us and JBC in terms of warehouses capacity , loading and unloading, which resulted a huge amounts of fines, demurrage charges, and enormous delays. 

Opening of ALV six years ago reduced the above heavy burden as now we have the ability to load containers immediately from the vessels, transport it for a very short distance to the warehouses of the village, fast unloading and loading, re-screening, and high level of safety. We are very grateful to all ALV’s staff and management for their highly professional performance, as up till now we have not been subjected to any kind of accidents, delay or any kind of fines.”

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